Menu And Price is a website with one simple premise: we help you find, um, menus and their prices! O.k. it’s a bit more complicated than that, but not much!

Ever torn your hair out in frustration that a restaurant’s website is down, or doesn’t even exist!? What about slow loading websites, designs that are unreadable on your mobile device or ones that don’t show prices? We know, we’re with you. From years in the food industry, we too have been frustrated by those times when you just need to quickly check out a restaurant’s menu and prices.

Menu And Price is built from the ground up with a mobile first mentality. We optimize image sizes and resolutions for the best experience on mobile. We also leverage cool technologies like Google Accelerated Mobile Pages to ensure each page is zippy and fast.

If you have a menu you’d like to submit to us, just drop us a line to contactus@menuandprice.com – we’d be happy to showcase it on our site!