Curry Up Now | Menu | Prices

Curry Up Now is a fast food concept build around classic Indian dishes and ingredients. The restaurant is set to quickly expand through various markets in 2020.

All prices on this page are dated February 2020 and taken from a restaurant location in Utah, USA. Please note your own particular state may differ slightly. Prices provided only as a general reference guide, please be sure to review with your own local restaurant. This site has no affiliation with Curry Up Now.

Curry Up Now Street Snacks

Bun Samosa$8
Sweet Potato Fries$6
Holy Moly Fried Ravioli$8
Keema Pav$10
Its Bitsy Naan Bits$8

Indian Street Food

Vada Pav$8
Pani Puri$8
Dahi Puri$8
Bhel Puri$8
Kachori Chaat$8
Paid Chaat$8


Curry Up Now bowls come with turmeric & fenugreek scene rice or riced cauliflower ($2 extra), plus homestyle daal lentils, root pickles and pico kachumber. Chana garbanzo masala is available on request.

Ghee Makhani Butter$11
Hella Vegan$11
Lamb Keema$11
Tikka Masala$11
The Hungry Planet$11
Punjabi By Nature$11


Curry Up Now burritos come with turmeric & fenugreek scene rice or riced cauliflower ($2 extra), plus chana garbanzo masala, sliced onions and choice of flour or wheat burritos.

Veggie Paneer$11
Hella Vegan$11

Sexy Fries

The sexy fries from Curry Up Now are an Indian inspired spin on Canadian poutine. They feature sweet potato fries mozzarella and a choice of protein.

Veggie Paneer$11
Hella Vegan$11

Kathi Roll

The Curry Up Now Kathi Roll is an egg washed housemate flatbread with onions, cilantro chutney, housemate potato crisps and pico kachumber. No egg is available for vegan rolls.

Veggie Paneer$9
Aloo Gobi$9
Vegan Plant Protein$9
make it gluten free+$2

Deconstructed Samosa

The deconstructed Samosa at Curry Up Now is loaded with chana garbanzo masala, pico kachumber, chutneys and mini samosa, plus your choice of protein.

Veggie Paneer$11
Aloo Gobi$11
make it a rice bowl+$1


The Curry Up Now Thali dishes offer a huge feast including multiple items. All come with turmeric & fenugreek scene rice or riced cauliflower ($2 extra), plus homestyle daal lentils, root pickles and pico kachumber and poppadom as well as wheat or flour naan.

The American Punjabi$14.50
Death By Tikka Masala$14.50
Peachier. Love. Vegan.$14.50
Karol Bagh Kitty Party$14.50
Kapoor & Sons$14.50
Meat Sweats$15.50
riced cauliflower$2

Naan / Quesadillix

Curry Up Now Naughty Naan is priced $11 and is offered as veggie paneer, chicken or lamb (extra $1). The naan are flatbread wheat or flour kulcha naan with mozzarella, caramelized onions, shaved jalapeño and local seasonal greens.

The Curry Up Now Quesadillix are whole wheat stuff parantha flatbreads with mozzarella, choice or protein, pickles, chaat masala, yogurt and chutney. Cost is $11 for veggie paneer, aloo gobi and chicken. Lamb is $12.


These are light dishes.

Babloo & Chotu Salad$11
Soup N Roll$11
Lite Thali$11
#Karma Protein$11


Kids meals include housemade crisps, bournvita milk and a cookie.

Bunty Burrito$5
Naan Pizza$5
Chicken Tenders$5
Tia's Quesadilla$5
Rice Bowl$5
Mac N Cheese$5


Drinks are priced $3-$4 and include:

  • Mango Lassi
  • Hot Chai
  • Ginger Mint Lemonade
  • Bottled Drinks
  • Bournvita Milk
  • Foutain Soda (free refills)
  • Haymakers
  • Iced Tea


Gulab Jamun$4
Daal Lentil Halwa$6
Churros Garma Garam$6
Hot Balls On Ice$6
Gulab Malpua Crepe$6


Priced $2-$3 sides include:

  • Yogurt
  • Yogurt Raita
  • Kulcha Naan
  • Gluten Free Tortilla
  • Riced Cauliflower
  • Papadum
  • Daal Lentils
  • Turmeric Rice