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Old McDonald Had A Farm burger

Old McDonald Had A Farm burger

If the return of the McRib this month doesn’t have you as excited as it might once have done – might I recommend this fast food hack to level up your McRib. I call this one the “Old McDonald Had A Farm” burger, seeing as it takes in a variety of proteins.

To create the Old McDonald Had A Farm burger you will need:

  • One McRib, $4.20
  • One hamburger with 2x added bacon, $3.40
  • One hot and spicy chicken 2x with added bacon, $3.40

To build, open up the McRib and start deconstructing the two other burgers. Cut the burger and chicken in half then layer on spicy chicken, bacon, burger and more bacon. If you want to maximize the flavor of this one, use a spoon to bring over some of the mayo from the spicy chicken bun.

Even with the triple stacking of beef, chicken and pork the McRib’s hoagie-style roll should hold up to the task; underlining what a solid sandwich bun this one is.

The Old McDonald Had A Farm burger will cost $11.00 to make in its full glory, weighing in at 1170 calories. You can shave a little off the cost and calories by dropping down to one slice of bacon on the burger/chicken. But why would you want to go and do that?

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