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Capriotti’s Bobbie – is it really America’s best sandwich?

Capriotti's - Bobbie sandwich 10 inch

We surely all know the inspiration of this sandwich first hand – Thanksgiving leftovers. In fact, isn’t the best bit about Thanksgiving the day after the big bash? Getting to load up all those calorific leftovers onto a whopping sandwich.

That’s the whole idea behind Capriotti’s Bobbie, a sandwich that the brand tout as the best in America. That’s no small claim, and one that the website’s awards page backs up with an impressive list of accolades; everything from small local press to big names heap praise on the sub shop chain.

First up the stats and details. The Bobbie comes with roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, handmade stuffing and mayo. It retails in a variety of sizes, these are the prices from ur local Salt Lake City store:

  • 5″ Bobbie Sub – $5.99
  • 8″ Bobbie Sub – $7.99
  • 10″ Bobbie Sub – $9.99
  • 18″ Bobbie Sub – $15.99

I went with the 10″ for the purpose of this review; first some pictures and then onto the review, does it live up to the hype?

Capriotti's - Bobbie sandwich 10 inch close up
Capriotti’s – Bobbie sandwich 10 inch close up
Capriotti's - Bobbie sandwich two halves top down
Capriotti’s – Bobbie sandwich two halves top down
Capriotti's - Bobbie sandwich close up interior
Capriotti’s – Bobbie sandwich close up interior
Capriotti's - Bobbie sandwich hand held
Capriotti’s – Bobbie sandwich hand held

The star of the show here is undoubtedly the turkey, which the store proudly slow-roasts in store every day. That attention to detail shines through, and is the antithesis of that plastic-rubbery pseudo meat found on some chain’s sandwiches. Indeed there’s a noticeable mix of white and dark meat, both with plenty of textural chew and flavor. There’s certainly a moment where you might ask yourself, “this is chain sandwich?”.

The company write that the stuffing is homemade but its undeniably a nod to the Stove Top brand which surely features on millions of tabletops every turkey day – big hunks of seasoned buttery bread. There are absolutely better stuffings out there, but the taste is a familiar one, and immediately anchors the sandwich with nostalgia of Thanksgivings past.

The cranberry sauce, is well, cranberry sauce, it adds that final sweet touch to a remarkably good sandwich; speaking of which the sub itself is solid. It holds up though the entire experience. It’s not too sweet, it has a fun chew and tear and the bread/filling ratio is just about perfect.

So best sandwich in America? Well, that’s a plaudit I don’t think I can personally hand out myself. But best sandwich in fast food world? I’ve not had better…

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