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Food and drink holidays – the calendar you need

You might not be able to take the day off work for most of these holidays, but hey, they’re all a reason to celebrate in our mind! Throughout the year there are a number of food and drink days that mark some of our favorite dishes.

More often than not, restaurants mark celebrate these days with specials and great deals. It’s always worth keeping a note of what’s coming up on the calendar with this in mind! Here are some of the best food days of the year.

This list rounds up every last major food and drink holiday that you might find celebrated at restaurants through the year – as well as all the official foodie days too. If we know of any specials click through to the linked page to see what’s being offered this year, and in years past.



February also sees Spring and the start of lent. This means many seafood specials popping up on fast food menus. We keep track of those here.



April 4th 2021 is Easter Sunday – that means a range of Easter specials and deals. Check out our Easter roundup here.

  • National Burrito Day – April 1st
  • National Deep Dish Pizza Day – April 5th
  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day – April 12th
  • National Pretzel Day – April 26th
  • National Prime Rib Day – April 27th


  • National Hoagie Day – May 5th
  • National Shrimp Day – May 10th
  • National Pizza Party Day – May 21st
  • National Hamburger Day – May 28th


  • National Cheese Day – June 4th
  • National Donut Day – June 4th
  • National Onion Ring Day – June 22nd


  • National Fried Chicken Day – July 6th
  • National French Fry Day – July 13th
  • National Mac and Cheese Day – July 14th
  • National Ice Cream Day – July 18th
  • National Junk Food Day – July 21st
  • National Hot Dog Day – July 22nd
  • National Drive-Thru Day – July 24th
  • National Chicken Wing Day – July 29th
  • National Chili Dog Day – July 29th
  • National Avocado Day – July 31st