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Arby’s poised to offer time limited Boneless Wings

News just in this week, Arby’s are set to offer a brand new Boneless Wings option nationwide. The new Wings will be available on menus across the country starting October 25th. The new chicken option will be a limited time offering and use 100% white meat.

QSR Mag report that Arby will offer a 6pc Boneless Wings with Crinkle Fries for a discounted price point of $5 as well. The Wings will be offered with a classic Buffalo Sauce or a Hot Honey Sauce – a blend of honey, lime and and smoky flavor.

“Hot Honey” flavor is a trendy item right now with Popeyes, Carl’s and Hardees, and McDonalds all offering the flavor profile on recent dishes.

2022 also looks promising for Arby’s fans – rumors on Reddit suggest the brand will debut a new wagyu burger, a French Dip with brisket and bacon, a “Diablo Brisket” and”Diablo Chicken” sandwich and a Spicy Fish sandwich too! 

Image credit, Arby’s.

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