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Arby’s removes potato cakes from menu

Arby's - potato cakes

According to news from one of our favorite food sites – chewboom – Arby’s have quietly nixed their potato cakes from the options of side dishes on their menu. As Chewboom note, if you’re a huge fan of the dish you still might be able to find some – call your local Arby’s ASAP to see what their stock looks like – before it disappears finally.

Chewboom also confirmed Arby’s response:

“Although our Potato Cakes have been discontinued (for now), who’s to say they’re gone forever?”

With many brands looking to create time limited specials and fan-favorite returns (ala McDonald’s and their McRib) I wouldn’t be surprised to see more brands retire less stellar parts of their menu – with an eye to brief returns in the future.

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