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BK brings the heat with Ghost Pepper Nuggets

Given the multi-decade age of the chicken nugget, its interesting to see so many brands still taking a crack at updating and evolving the humbled chicken bite. Both Popeye’s and Arby’s recently staked their claim, while who could forget last years Spicy McNuggets, which sold out at many stores in blistering time.

And that’s where Burger King come in, with an all new Ghost Pepper powered nugget – presumably looking to score some of the Golden Arches’ success. The new BK nuggets cost $1.29 for a four piece order, with the King promising, “white meat chicken kicked up with fiery ghost pepper, our Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets are the perfect balance between flavor and heat.”

BK isn’t topping there though, news recently came out that the chain are testing Impossible Foods brand of plant-based nuggets. The tests will hit Des Moines, Iowa, Boston, and Miami and comes two years on from the Impossible Whopper release – which still remains on menus to this day. Check out our own review on our sister site here.

Have you tried either of these new releases? Let us know how they rate in the comments below!

Image credit, Burger King.

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