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BK Test Re-Usable Packaging

As consumers continue to look to businesses for more and more eco-friendly options, Burger King have recently began a new pilot program to offer re-usable packaging. Working with TerraCycle’s “circular packaging service, Loop” the brand are running a prototype “closed-loop system with zero-waste packaging that can be safely cleaned and refilled to be reused, again and again.”

Loop offers BK options to serve classics like the Whopper or drinks/sides in re-usable containers and beverages cups.

The pilot will start in 2021 at select restaurants in New York City, Portland, and To; more cities are expected to join in afterwards. If you stop by a participating restaurant and top for the eco-friendly packaging, a refundable deposit will be added to orders at checkout (due back when you return the containers).

The move comes as part of the bigger sustainable program at the burger giant who are aiming to use packaging materials that are 100% sourced from renewable, recycled or certified sources by 2025 (US and Canada).

Image credit, BK.

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