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Brit’s get ready for Katsu Curry McNuggets

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, those Brits have it damned good over there. They really do get all the good stuff. Gravy burgers, Christmas pizza, and now Katsu McNuggets!

The time limited chicken bites offer the classic McD’s chicken but this time coated in crisp (katsu curry flavored) panko breadcrumb mix. The nuggets also come with a signature curry sauce too.

These new Japanese-inspired McNuggets are time limited and will be available in orders of six (£3.59), nine (£4.09) and twenty (£5.99). Expect to see them on McDonald’s menus around December 30th onwards for just a month and a half.

As you’d rightfully expect, social media was pretty buzzed about this one.

Image credit, McDonald’s UK.

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