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Burger King confirms all new Chicken Sandwich

Rumors were confirmed via press release today – BK will be entering the chicken sandwich wars this year. One of the last few major brands to make a play in this popular sandwich space, the new chicken options has been in the works since 2019 with testing seen in some markets in the Fall of 2020.

Via the release BK write, “Reality check, the King won’t accept another chicken sandwich if it isn’t just as good as one you could get from the big chicken guys. No more “burger-joint-quality” chicken. So, we’re bringing a hand-breaded chicken sandwich to our restaurants.”

Burger King’s stated goal with the new menu item is to be to chicken sandwiches what flame-grilling is to burgers; to reach that aim the chicken will be hand breaded in stores.

The sandwich will come in both original and spicy versions, because you’re nobody these days if you don’t also have a spicy chicken up your sleeves as well! The sandwich also promises ‘thick cut white meat chicken breast’ thats freshly breaded by hand and served up with pickles and a signature sauce – all on a toasted potato bun.

No word yet on the formal release date or price, but previous rumors suggested May was the month to keep on eye on. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.

Image credit, Burger King.

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