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Burger King to focus on Whopper

Burger King - Whopper packaging

According to reports in the press this week, Burger King are looking at getting back to basics; primarily looking at how they can, “make diners fall in love with the Whopper again.” In the linked story published by CNN this week the publication writes that the chain are expected to deploy some $400 million into the company in order to improve everything rom stores to operations to marketing.

Restuarant business inline writes that, “Burger King has been working to develop its plan in recent months after the company’s sales fell behind those of rivals McDonald’s and Wendy’s—the latter of which surpassed Burger King as the country’s second-largest burger chain two years ago. Burger King has been among the slowest major quick-service chains to recover from the pandemic.

Those challenges were accentuated by the failure of the chain’s upgraded chicken sandwich last year, called the Ch’King, which didn’t generate the sales lift the company expected—even as rivals McDonald’s and KFC both enjoyed strong years based on their chicken sandwiches.”

We recently covered the change of the Ch’king to BK Royal here and frankly, it’s all a bit of a let down. Last year’s Ch’King was much better, but apparently the newer BK Royal is easier for stores to cook. While not formally confirmed, my guess is the hand breading element of last years sandwich put an added resource strain on kitchens.

Here’s hoping the revamp kicks things up a notch. There’s no denying the Whopper is one of America’s iconic burgers, and when executed well, it’s always a fun treat.

Burger King - Whopper
Burger King – Whopper
Burger King - Whopper interior
Burger King – Whopper interior
Burger King - Whopper packaging
Burger King – Whopper packaging

Mind you, who knows what will transpire, Brand Eating recently reported on the brand testing an ‘everything seasoned’ bun here – which strikes me more gimmick than actual focus on the core burger product. Watch this space.

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