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BurgerFi rolls out limited time Spicy Wagyu Burger

Hot on the heels of their recent Spicy Fi’ed Chicken Sandwich, BurgerFi are encouraging diners to move on from the Chicken Sandwich Wars, and get back to burgers. With that in mind the all new SWAG burger will be available nationwide from March 15th through May 9th. SWAG? Thats shorthand for newSpicy Wagyu Burger according to the brand.

The burger doesn’t hold back when it comes to the spice, check out this list of toppings!

  • Double wagyu and brisket blend burger
  • Charred jalapeños
  • Candied ghost pepper bacon
  • Sweet tomato relish
  • Habanero pepper jack cheese
  • Hot steak sauce.

The burger retails for $11.17 at the closest location to us in Colorado. Talking about the move away from fighting it out over chicken sandwiches, Paul Griffin (BurgerFi’s Chief Culinary Officer) writes the following:

“BurgerFi’s foundation is burgers and because the spicy chicken wars have been part of the cultural conversation over the past few years, we wanted to bring the heat within a category that we pride ourselves in. Once we had the idea of the spicy burger, it was fun to start playing with ingredients and textures. The candied ghost pepper bacon is perfect for those guests who are more adventurous. That mixed with the boldness of wagyu and creaminess and kick of habanero pepper jack cheese really rounds out the burger to make it one of the most flavorful menu items created at BurgerFi.”  

Image credit, BurgerFi.

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