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California Pizza Kitchen add trio of California Focaccia

Hitting CPK menus right now, a range of new dishes with a Summery feel. The star of the show are the brand new California Focaccias, the brand’s take on the traditional oven-baked Italian bread.

The range of new items are as follows:

  • California Focaccias: baked in a hearth oven and flavored with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs
    • Malibu: whipped goat cheese, baby greens, shaved parmesan, Mediterranean herbs and extra virgin olive oil, $9.29
    • Smashed Avocado: fresh avocado, baby greens, fresh basil, chili and toasted sesame seeds, $9.29
    • Spicy Honey Bee: spicy Capicola ham, gorgonzola, Mediterranean herbs and red chili honey, $9.29
  • Avocado Super Green Pizza: cilantro pesto, smashed avocado, baby greens, cucumber, red onion, salsa verde, fresh lime and toasted sesame seeds, $15.49
  • Spicy Honey Bee Pizza: spicy marinara, Capicola ham, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola cheese, Mediterranean herbs, red chili honey and wild arugula, $15.49
  • Crispy Artichoke Salad: crispy artichoke hearts, whipped goat cheese, wild arugula and parmesan tossed in CPK’s champagne vinaigrette, $7.69

Prices listed are from the location closest to us in Salt Lake City. The two pizza additions are limited time specials only.

Image credit, CPK.

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