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Carl’s Jr. Adds Prime Rib Options

It’s a busy month over at Carl’s Jr. There’s a few new items hitting the menu boards this month – including a very handsome looking burger – the Prime Rib & Cheddar Angus Thickburger! The brand describes it as follows:

“A 1/3 lb. charbroiled Angus Beef patty, topped with tender slow cooked sliced prime rib, cheddar sauce and caramelized onions served on a toasted premium bun.”

The burger packs in 740 calories, and looks absolutely fabulous in our opinion! The new burger comes as part of a bigger prime rib lineup with sister brand Hardee’s. Also coming to menus:

  • A Prime Rib & Fried Egg Biscuit with prime rib, swiss cheese, fried egg, buttermilk biscuit
  • Prime Rib Burrito with prime rib, eggs, sals, shredded cheese, flour tortilla

You can order via Door Dash to get Carl’s Jr. and the new prime rib dishes delivered to your door. They usually offer free delivery deals for new users – plus we get a referral fee when you signup and make an order too.

Here in Utah, where we’re based, we found the following prices for the Prime Rib burgers as follows (here’s the menu board):

Prime Rib & Cheddar Angus Thickburger, singlesandwich only$5.49
Prime Rib & Cheddar Angus Thickburger, doublecombo$8.49
Prime Rib & Cheddar Angus Thickburger, singlesandwich only$7.49
Prime Rib & Cheddar Angus Thickburger, doublecombo$10.49
1/2lb Angus Thickburgersandwich only$6.99
1/2lb Angus Thickburgercombo$9.99

Image credit, Carl’s Jr.

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