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Chipotle hides a million dollars worth of burritos in TV ads

As the NBA finals come to a close, this new promo from Chipotle means you might not want to take your eyes off the screen during the ad breaks. The brand are set to hide over a million dollars worth of free burritos in ads during the  2021 Men’s Professional Basketball Championship Series finals.

How does it work? Here’s the details from the brand:

Did you catch it? During last night’s Game 1 broadcast, Chipotle hid a unique keyword that unlocked 10,000 free burritos at the end of its ad. Without a heads up on the tip-off, the “no look” attempt came as a surprise to basketball fans. As the series progresses, the brand will continue to offer a number of prizes that varies from game to game.

At any point during the remaining games in the series, Chipotle will air a broadcast TV commercial with a keyword hidden in the end card. With the word now officially out, codes will go fast. To score a free entrée, fans will have to put a full court press on texting the keyword to 888-222. 

Image credit, Chipotle.

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