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Chipotle’s new protein option – smoked brisket

Chipotle are one brand always innovating their menu, and not necessarily chasing the pack. Case in point, this months newest release, smoked brisket. While most are chasing bacon or fried chicken – the casual Mexican restaurant have gone in a completely different direction. The brisket is the result of a test first seen back in November 2020.

The new protein is now available nationwide following a brief rewards club access period. According to Chipotle the new beef is, “smoked to perfect tenderness, charred on the grill, and seasoned with Mexican spices, including fire-roasted jalapenos and chipotle chili peppers. The protein is hand-chopped and finished with a new Brisket sauce made with smoky chili peppers.” The brand write the beef is also responsibly raised too.

The new protein is available in all the chain’s menu options including:

  • Burrito, from $9.70
  • Burrito bowl, from $9.70
  • Quesadilla, from $10.25, digital orders only
  • Salad, from $9.70
  • Tacos, from $9.70

Prices from the location closest to us in Salt Lake City. Other launches from Chipotle this year include the digital on quesadilla, the Shawn Mendes bowl and the new cilantro-lime cauliflower rice.

Image credit, Chipotle.

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