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Church’s Chicken new Bourbon Black Pepper Smokehouse Chicken

Now here’s something definitely a little different than the last 24 months constantly slew of fried chicken. New to Church’s this month, a Summer special, the Bourbon Black Pepper Smokehouse Chicken.

Church’s Smokehouse Season is an annual event that fans look forward to every year since its launch five years ago. Like years past this Smokehouse special will run  May 27 through August 29, 2021. 

The brand writes that the dish is a “generous half chicken portion size, truly delivering ‘Texas sized’ attitude. The bone-in half chicken is marinated in a savory, smoky seasoning, deep-fried without any batter or breading, then glazed with a sweet, smoky sauce featuring a hint of bourbon and topped with fresh cracked black pepper.”

A single combo meal includes an entire half chicken, mashed potatoes and a Honey-Butter Biscuit priced $5. A family meal deal is alas available for $20, which includes two half chickens, six Texas Tenders, a large order of mashed potatoes and gravy, a large order of cole slaw and four Honey-Butter Biscuits™. 

Image credit, Church’s Chicken.

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