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Del Taco Says Happy Tamaledays

Del Taco have two words for you – Happy Tamaledays; that’s the tagline for the new seasonal specials coming to their menu this November. The 19th of the month sees the menu expanded with two new tamales, priced $4. There will also be new smothered tamale choices as well as a tamale Fiesta Pack for bigger groups to grab. Via PR the brand writes:

“Following an authentic, Mexican recipe, Del Taco’s tamales are made with seasoned, shredded pork and fire-roasted salsa, and surrounded by a layer of soft, stone-ground corn masa and wrapped in an authentic corn husk. Our authentic tamales are the perfect holiday comfort food, and this year you can make your hot tamale even hotter with Cholula® Hot Sauce.”

As part of the new menu additions at Del Taco, the Mexican fast food chain have a new “Tamaleday Celebrations” promo. Ever Friday in December, through the Del Taco app, diners can score a number of great deals as follows:

Friday, December 4, 2020: Free Tamale with any purchase
Friday, December 11, 2020: $4 Off Tamales Fiesta Pack
Friday, December 18, 2020: $1 Off any Smothered Tamale Meal (Cholula, Red & Green, or Chili Cheese)
Download the Del Taco app to access Tamaleday offers, and follow Del Taco on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join in the #Tamaledays celebrations.

The full lineup of the new tamale options are as follows:

  • Del Taco Tamales: Two for $4
  • Red and Green Smothered Tamales
  • Chili Cheese Smothered Tamales
  • Cholula Smothered Tamales
  • Tamales Fiesta Pack: Includes 12 tamales, Salsa Casera and utensils

Image credit, Del Taco.

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