Del Taco tempts Taco Bell fans with new Crunchtadas

Del Taco - new 2021 Crunchtadas

Poking a little fun at Taco Bell’s decision to axe the much loved Mexican Pizza earlier this year, Del Taco have launched two new Crunchtada options on their menu – in an effort to tempt fans over. Moreover the brand are having a little fun with the launch too.

The company writes, “For the past several years, the concept of ghosting – when someone cuts off all communication without explanation – has become an everyday phenomenon.More than a year ago a certain tostada like menu item, described as a Mexican Pizza, disappeared from a major Mexican fast food chain and fans took to social media and other online platforms en masse to air their grievances. Their requests went unanswered leaving hundreds of thousands of consumers hangry, sad and GHOSTED.”

Riffing on the ghosted theme the company are playfully offering an “emotional and culinary support to these disappointed fans via a Mexican Pizza Ghosted Support Hotline at 1-877-3-Ghosted.”

Del Taco say fans can call the line 24/7 to “receive guidance, inspiration and a restitution for being wronged”. Said restitution takes the form of an exclusive promo code for a Buy One Crunchtada, Get One Free from Del Tacotoday through May 20.

All the joking aside, three new items are hitting the menu as follows:

  • $1 Crunchtada Tostada – crunchy corn shell layered with beans, signature tangy Salsa Casera, lettuce and grated cheddar cheese
  • $2 Queso Beef Crunchtada – crunchy corn shell layered with beans, beef, Del Taco’s signature Queso Blanco, grated cheddar cheese and diced tomatoes
  • $3 Chicken Guacamole Crunchtada – crunchy corn with beans, grilled marinated chicken, ranch sauce, lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and house-made guacamole

Image credit, Del Taco.

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