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Detroit-Style returns to Pizza Hut

This fan favorite deep dish style option is now back nationwide at Pizza Hut. Whats more, the relaunch of the Detroit-style option now comes with the option to create your own personal pizza with upto five toppings; this option starts from $11.99 with one topping.

As well as the DIT pizza options the ‘hut have three set menu options as well:

  • Detroit Double Pepperoni – 32 slices of regular pepperoni and 48 slices of the signature Pizza Hut Crispy Cupped Pepperoni, $12.99
  • Meaty Deluxe – bacon, Italian sausage and Crispy Cupped Pepperoni, $13.99
  • Supremo – Italian sausage, red onions and green bell peppers, $13.99

If you’re new to Detroit-Style pizza – they’re rectangular-shaped pies served with cheese all the way to the edge creating a caramelized crust. In perfecting their new items Pizza Hut tried more than 500 recipe versions over a year. The result was a pie that was in such high demand during its initial release in early 2021 that it sold out two weeks earlier than projected nationally.

Prices listed are from the store closest to us in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Image credit, Pizza Hut.

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