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Habit Burger goes old school with Patty Melt

Habit Burger Patty Melt

Check out this new crave-worthy item for this who feel like they need a hit of comfort food. One of our favorite brands, The Habit Burger, have released this classic menu item for a limited time.

The brand new melt comes with:

  • Two chargrilled patties
  • Toasted corn rye
  • One slice yellow American cheese
  • One slice white American cheese,
  • Caramelized onions
  • Thousand Island

In our local area of Salt Lake City the sandwich is priced at $6.69.

Habit’s exec chef Adam Baird reckons the sandwich is “an instant classic”, also writing, “If we have learned anything about the past year, it’s that nostalgia brings back those good memories, and makes us feel like we’re at home. With the Patty Melt, I wanted to create a sense of comfort, and ensure that it tastes just as delicious as our famous Charburger, but adding a twist with the tanginess of the sauce and crispness of the bread.” 

I’ll raise a sandwich to that, we all need our sprits lifting after the last year!

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