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IHOP adds alcohol to menus

This month sees IHOP unveil a range of new drink options under their ‘Bubbles, Wine & Brews’ menu – available nationwide at select locations. The brand new menu features domestically and locally sourced beers, as well as wine options.

IHOP’s culinary team provided the following pairing suggestions for guests lucky enough to live near one of the new locations:

  • The fizzy zing of a Barefoot Bubbly Brut mimosa cutting through the richness of IHOP’s Original French Toast
  • Pairing a glass of smooth, medium-bodied Barefoot Chardonnay with the big flavors of IHOP’s Southwest Chicken Burrito or Bowl
  • IHOP’s savory Sirloin Steak Tips make the perfect pair with Barefoot’s smooth Cabernet Sauvignon
  • A crisp, clean Corona Extra puts out the flame from IHOP’s Spicy Poblano Omelette

The new menu is available at three select IHOP restaurants in San Diego and New Mexico and will continue expansion to New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, Ohio and more in the coming months. This soft launch allows IHOP to pilot, test and learn from guest receptivity and feedback to optimize the menu rollout and new offerings more broadly.

Image credit, IHOP.

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