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KFC introduces new Finger Sporks

In news you can file under, “we didn’t expect that”, this week sees the colonel launch a brand new utensil for guests – the Finger Spork. So errr, what exactly is a Finger Spork? According to KFC:

“Our KFC Finger Sporks are a new spin on the original sporks that KFC helped popularize in the early 1970s when Colonel Harland Sanders adopted them as the utensil of choice for all of his Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. With features like precision prong articulation, anterior branding optimization and sporkasticity technology, KFC’s Finger Sporks make it more fun to scoop out your mac & cheese, retrieve that last piece of corn and delight in your mashed potatoes. To use, simply place your finger in the KFC Finger Spork, dip said finger into your favorite KFC side item and then elevate the vessel into your mouth.”

There’s even this retro  90s-style infomercial from KFC if you need to see the utensil demonstrated. Want to get your hands on a Finger Spork? Order a KFC Sides Lovers Meal via the app, website or in store through July 12th and you will get two sporks free.

Image credit, KFC.

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