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KFC launches Best Chicken Sandwich Ever

We’re barely a week into January and the chicken sandwich stakes are already looking higher than ever. This month both Shake Shack (here) and McDonald’s (here) upped the ante with their own product launches and today sees KFC join the duo with 2021 plans.

While the chicken chain are rolling with the headline of “Best Chicken Sandwich Ever”, you will eventually find this new product on menus more modestly labelled as the KFC Chicken Sandwich; various websites are reporting the sandwich will complete a nationwide rollout (starting today) by the end of February 2021.

The sandwich was was first tested in Florado in early 2020 according to KFC spokesperso and comes with:

  • Quarter-pound, all-white meat, double-breaded, “Extra Crispy” chicken breast filet
  • Brioche bun
  • Thick Pickles
  • Real mayo or Spicy Sauce

Each sandwich will be made to order as well apparently the company said. Moreover, as contentious as pickles are, we’re hearing the company tested tested eight different thickness styles when it comes to the new sandwich pickles – to get the texture and taste just right.

Expect tp pay $3.99 for the sandwich or $6.99 with last years Secret Recipe Fries

The YUM! Brands chain also launched a website,, to alert customers when the sandwich arrives nearby. People can also sign up to be notified via email.

KFC will offer the item a la carte for $3.99 or as part of a combo, with KFC Secret Recipe Fries and a medium drink, for $6.99. This fries were last year’s number one seller for KFC, I’d put money on the chicken sandwich being that for 2021; last year we tried the Crispy Colonel Sandwich and were pretty happy with the results.

Check out to see when the sandwich will reach your area.

image credit, Yum Brands/KFC. For reference, here’s a picture from the 2020 test as wel (looks like the pickles have become a tad thinner):

KFC Chicken Sandwich from 2020 testing
KFC Chicken Sandwich from 2020 testing
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