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Little Caesars upgrade Classic Pepperoni pizza

Little Caesars are another brand that want to lure you away from your new year healthy goals. January sees the brand double down on the flavor, rather than put a salad in front of you.

The first update from LC for 2022 is to upgrade their Classic Pepperoni pizza with a. whole bunch more salami. How much? Well, 33% more pepperoni to be precise according to Little Caesars, all with the same taste and quality patrons love. The pizza is also available for a crazy $5.55 for a limited time too – a great way to save a few bucks in cash-strapped January.

The improvement this HOT-N-READY favorite is a permanent menu change according to the brand, who also write they continue to use “fresh, never frozen Muenster and mozzarella cheeses, vine-ripened tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness and is the only major national pizza chain to make dough fresh in-house daily.”

Image credit, Little Caesars

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