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McDonald’s release Glazed Pull Apart Donut

McDonald’s popular McCafé Bakery line-up will see a new update this September. Starting on the 1st of the month a new Glazed Pull Apart Donut will launch nationwide, available only for a limited time.

The dish, with an eye on fall flavors is a unique twist on a classic donut that McDonald’s reckons fans will love. The donut is coated in a sweet glaze and the tear apart bites make it a shareable treat. Like the rest of the McCafé Bakery menu its available all day long.

The McCafé line launched back 2020 seeing the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Roll roll out state wide. Other notable breakfast launches from rhe Golden Arches include the Egg McMuffin in 1971, Breakfast Burritos in 1991 and McGriddles in 2003.

Image credit, McDonald’s.

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