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McPlant Set To Come to McDonald’s In 2021

Home made plant based mushroom and egg burger

Check out this story today from CNBC, and news that McDonald’s are readying themselves to join the plant-based burger party. Industry watchers have long remarked on the lack of a meat free burger option at McDonald’s, and wondered what the brand’s move would be; the wait is now over, 2021 will see the unveiling of the McPlant “platform” – an opened end plant-based formula that will provide the basis for a range of products. A plant-based burger will start to roll out first in various test markets to begin with according to the CNBC report.

Intriguingly, McD’s aren’t tapping the big names in the plant-based biz (Beyond and Impossible) for their burger, and instead, have decided to go it alone with their own formulation. This flies in the face of the common approach, BK uses Impossible patties for example, whereas Carl’s Jr. uses Beyond.

This could make for a very interesting newcomer to the market, and certainly set the Golden Arches apart from the rest of the field; here’s hoping that’s just a placeholder name though, McPlant realllllly doesn’t sound that appetizing, and we love plant-based foods (that burger above is one I made for example!).

The news comes on the same day as the chain’s third later results and new growth strategy with a focus on the 3 D’s: Digital, Delivery and Drive Thru.

Image credit: me! That’s a plant-based burger I made at home with a runny egg and some glazed mushrooms. Hey we can but hope right!

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