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McRib makes surprise return to select U.S. locations

McRib box

It was roughly this time last year that news came in about the McRib farewell tour. At the time I remember being slightly suspicious about the update writing, “Call me cynical but I don’t completely buy it. Sure, they might nix it for an extended period – after all the sandwich went missing for eight years before coming back nationwide in 2022; but a complete abandonment of those pressed and formed patties for eternity? Nah, after all what’s a brand to do when it needs a shot in the arm of foot and delivery traffic? That’s right – bring back a fan favorite. Just look at Taco Bell and the long retired Enchirito.”

That farewell then – was shorter than even I thought – the McRib now appearing back on menus for another limited time run. If you’ve impressively still not tried this storied sandwich – check out my full review and breakdown of the McRib here. At my local McDonald’s the McRib is priced $5.50 ala carte (with 550 calories) and $8.89 as a combo meal.

Lastly, if you’re curious about your own local availability in this Fall comeback period – the unofficial McRib locator is here to help you; a tool that reports where the McRib has been spotted in the wild!

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