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New BK Hand Breaded Chicken Sandwich expected by May

Burger King food bag

In news reported by Restaurant Business this month, Burger King looks set to be the next to try their hand at a Crispy Chicken Sandwich. RB writes that a large East coast BK franchise operator broke news to investors this month, stating that the test run of the sandwich performed very well.

For their part BK have yet to confirm the news officially. It does of course seem inevitable with all the major peers either updating sandwiches in the last year – or planning to do so swiftly in early 2021. KFC and McDonald’s are planning big updates over the coming weeks.

The sandwich might look something like this test offering, Burger Beast sampled in October 2020; which BB noted, “The sandwich looked like a million bucks. It’s got a nice fluffy bun, the cheese wasn’t fully melted, but the breading was crispy. It’s got that BK bacon, which is take it or leave it for some folks. The sauce wasn’t shining through as I’d hoped, but it paired well with the pickles.”

If you needed proof that people are still hungry for ever more fried chicken sandwiches, reports of BK’s possible plans started spirited debate over on the Fast Food reddit. Several users doubt how successfull the ‘hand-breaded’ element might work in practice, in what can be a hectic work place environment.

Meanwhile, as the rumor mill moves into Chew Boom report they’ve been told the new sandwich is official, and will cause the discontinuation of existing menu items; CB also suggest the retail price will be $3.99.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear more!

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