Panera offers up two new Chicken Sandwiches

Panera offers up two new Chicken Sandwiches

The latest brand to release a chicken sandwich option – Panera. Interestingly the two new sandwiches from the popular chain are not fried chicken sandwiches but in fact “seared golden brown and then finished sous vide”. This alone makes the duo huge outliers in a market that is obsessed with hefty, crispy patties.

The two options include a “Signature Take” and the “Spicy Take” – representing the other trend in the market right now, you always have to have a spicy option. The two sandwiches come with the following toppings:

  • Panera Signature Take – all white meat quarter pound chicken breast, parmesan crisps,garlic aioli sauce, brioche bun
  • Panera Spicy Take – all white meat quarter pound chicken breast,  spicy, crispy pickle chips, garlic aioli sauce, Buffalo sauce, brioche bun

Via press release the brand also write about some packaging updates too, “The chefs at Panera wanted the chicken sandwich experience to be impeccable from start to finish, so Panera designed an innovative new tear away box, a simple, recyclable box that helps protect the brioche roll from being crushed and helps keep the sauce from dripping out. The packaging delivers a fantastic culinary experience for Panera guests on the go.”

Panera write the sandwiches will retail for $10.99 ala carte, and  April 4th through April 10th, guests who use the code “FREEDRINK” will receive a free drink with any purchase of a Chef’s Chicken Sandwich.

Image credit, Panera.

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