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Papa Murphy’s team up with Fritos

In this new link up that some may only have dreamed about until now, Fritos hit Papa Murphy’s pizza in the all new Fritos Outlaw Pizza. The new mash up comes with

  • Smoked brisket
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Cheddar
  • Mixed onions
  • Fritos baked on top
  • BBQ sauce o
  • Thin crust

Papa Murphy’s promise a really crunching experience writing, “Genuine crunch. It’s what makes our Fritos Outlaw pizza so deliciously unique. No crunch-killing cardboard boxes here! You bake those crunchy Fritos right into the pizza’s gooey melty cheese and juicy brisket. Your oven is so excited, it started preheating.”

The new Outlaw Pizza is priced $13.00 (medium), $14.00 (large), $17.00 (family); or as part of an outlaw Fritos Bundle for $25 that includes Large Fritos Outlaw Pizza, Salad, Dressing, Dessert and 2 liter Pepsi product.

Prices from the location closest to us in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Image credit, Papa Murphy’s.

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