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PDQ one of first to announce this years T-Day options

Just a reminder – Thanksgiving is much closer than you think. You won’t need many more reminders mind you, the season is officially here as restaurants are now starting to plan their T-Day themed dishes and options. First up, at least as far as we’ve seen, two new dishes from PDQ featuring fall friendly turkey:

  • Hot Turkey sandwich – spicy crispy turkey breast, PDQ’ signature sauce, lettuce, dill pickles and pepper jack cheese, $6.79
  • Crispy Turkey sandwich – crispy turkey breast with Duke’s Mayo, lettuce, tomato and dill pickles, $6.29

Both sandwiches feature Butternall turkey and are available at national PDQ chains for al limited time only. Prices listed provided by PDQ.

If you’re interested what’s on menus this Thanksgiving, we keep track of all the restaurant Thanksgiving specials every year here. Bookmark the page and check back later, as we heard more, the list will grow and grow!

Image credit, PDQ.

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