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Popeyes drops the breading with Blackened Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes latest offering in the ongoing battle for best chicken sandwich in the country? The all new Blackened Chicken Sandwich which shrugs off the bread coating of the chain’s most iconic and popular sandwich. The sandwich marks the first full new chicken sandwich addition to the Popeyes menu since 2019.

The star of the show here is a full chicken breast marinated for 12 hours, seasoned with a blend of Cajun spices. The complete breakdown of the Blackened Chicken Sandwich is as follows:

  • Whole chicken breast
  • Toasted brioche bun
  • House classic sauce or spicy mayo
  • Barrel-cured pickles

The sandwich should be available now from $4.99 across the country. Looking to splurge? From $1.50 extra choose the Bacon and Cheese addition which the brand reckon adds the “perfect combination of crispy, smoky bacon and rich, melty Havarti cheese, enhancing the already delicious Chicken Sandwich offerings at Popeyes. ” Fans should note the Bacon & Cheese treatment can be given to any of the sandwiches on offer.

Image credit, Popeyes.

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