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Popeyes latest new sandwich creation

Since Popeyes released their now iconic chicken sandwich back in 2019 brands have been trying to wrest the crown. Indeed even the originators themselves have been trying to improve. May sees Popeyes make the smallest of tweaks, now offering the sandwich with Buffalo Ranch.

Priced $4.99 the company write:

“The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is made special by an all-new sauce, featuring a creamy buttermilk ranch, kicked up with a zesty and buttery buffalo sauce. This flavor profile complements the Popeyes brand’s famous hand battered, and breaded chicken served atop a buttery brioche bun with barrel cured pickles, creating another culinary masterpiece.”

It feels like we might be reaching the end of the line when it comes to chicken sandwiches and twists, with many brands now seemingly making only modest tweaks and changes like this.

Image credit, Popeyes.

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