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Subway teases huge menu update

It looks big things are afoot at Subway this month. Today the brand issued the following press release which details the largest update to their menu in their history – their words not mine!

The extensive updates are set to hit stores on July 13th and include everything from new sauces to bread to proteins. Subway specifically mentions:

  • Protein – Deli-thin sliced ham
  • Protein – Deli-thin sliced turkey
  • Protein – Hickory-smoked bacon
  • Topping – Smashed avocado
  • Topping – BelGioso Mozzarella
  • Sauce – Parmesan Vinaigrette
  • Sandwich – Turkey Cali Fresh
  • Sandwich – Steak Cali Fresh
  • All-American Club

These are just some highlights we know so far – but we expect even more to be announced next week. All of this is coupled with impending updates to the guest experience, everything including updates to the brands app, delivery service and in store experience.

Fans can also score some free subs too! As part of the self-styled ‘eat fresh refresh’, Subway will be giving away one million subs on July 13th from 10 a.m. to noon (local time). Visit any subway and get a free six-inch new Turkey Cali Fresh on request. The first 50 customers per store to ask will get the sandwich completely free.

Image credit, Subway, and the Subway Steak & Cheese Melt lacuna from May 2021.

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