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TGI Fridays unveils holiday pasta dish

When it comes to holiday menus, its all egg nog this and pumpkin spice that. But not at TGI’s where the brand have unveiled two new seasonal specials.

First up, a colorful new holiday Afredo dishes is now available on TGI menus. The pasta dish comes red and white striped cheese-filled tortellini that is plated with chicken, broccoli and Alfredo sauce. The pasta dish is available either as an individual entree or a family sized portion to go. The entree is priced $17.09 at the location closest to us (Colorado).

There’s also a new holiday cocktail to go alongside the new entree option. The new Henny by the Fire is crafted with Hennessy cognac, Grand Marnier, strawberry and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. The cocktail is priced at $8.59 at the location closest to us (Colorado).

Image credit, TGI Fridays.

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