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The Gravy Burger – KFC UK

Every so often we take a look at what’s happening on menus around the world; and for a moment wished we lived somewhere else.

Take a look at what KFC UK are up to for the holidays this year; and then right after get started on a petition to get this gravylicious burger over here in the states ASAP! Behold…the Gravy Burger!

The concoction features:

  • Original Recipe Chicken Fillet Burger
  • Gravynnaise
  • Cheese
  • Cupped hash brown
  • Glazed bun

Gravynnaise is just what it sounds like, a blend of the brand’s iconic gravy and creamy mayo. Something you could probably put together yourself (hint: let us know how that goes). Here’s a review by BurgerLad who couldn’t quite get his mind around the blend.

The burger comes as part of one the UK chain’s box meals which also serves up additional gravynnaise on the side too; speaking of which the “cupped” hash brown is carefully shaped to also you to pour that side gravy onto the burger without it spilling it. Genius. We could learn a thing or two from the Brits, just saying.

Image credit, KFC UK.

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