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The KFC Firelock is back!

Celebrating the return of their iconic Firelog – KFC are launching a special seasonal giveaway. If you’re new to the Firelog, you can grab one at Walmart for $15.88. Toss one on the fire and you will be rewarded with the aroma of the Colonel’s 11 11 Herbs & Spices filling your room. The 2021 edition apparently has been enhanced with an extra crust scent too…

Anyway… to mark the season LFC are offering a three-day, two-night stay for up to eight people in a 7,000 square foot, three-story luxury log cabin surrounded by 200-acres of a protected nature reserve in none other than Kentucky, of course. 

Purchase the 2021 KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog on, scan the unique QR code located on the packaging, and you can enter to win!

The so called KFC Firelog Cabin features four bedrooms, multiple open living room spaces, a theater room and built-in bar, kitchen and dining area, outdoor kitchen, pool, and hot tub, “all decorated in their fried chicken finest”. 

And yep, the whole place will be filled with the aroma of KFC…

Image credit, KFC.

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