The oldest McDonalds in USA – what’s it like?

Oldest McDonad's in America (Los Alamos Daily)

This wonderful story just came out over on the Los Alamos Daily – looking at the oldest McDonald’s in the USA.

LA Daily report that the oldest remaining McDonald’s in America is located in Downey, California. The restaurant first opened their doors to a hungry public more than 60 years ago in 1953. The restaurant is apparently the third location the nascent brand build out.

The mid-century design aesthetic of the store is striking in its 1950s ‘space age’ kinda vibe – all swooping edges and sharp lines. Who wouldn’t love to see some McDonald’s bring back this look and feel to modern locations? I know I would.

What I also found interesting in the story from LA Daily was the picture comparing a variety of costs in 1955 with today. A sign at the Downey location shows the price of bread, beef and gas way back when, contrasted with prices today. The surprise fact therein? The budget McDonald’s sandwich is actually a better value today than it was back in 1955 – who knew!

Image credit, Los Alamos Daily.

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