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Wendy’s brings the heat with new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce

Get ready for a sizzling Summer, because today sees the launch of Wendy’s brand new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce. Available nationwide the new sauce offers a blend of ghost peppers with the cooling assistance of ranch.

The brand reckons that the new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce will be “your new go-to sauce, whether you’re pairing it with our original Spicy Nuggets or spreading it on top of your favorite Wendy’s menu item.”

Marking the launch, Wendy’s are offering their 10 piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets in a BOGO for $1 offer through September 5th; you just need to order another 10 piece Nuggets, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Classic Chicken Sandwich or a Dave’s Single.

Spicy menu updates have been popular in fast food world the past 18 months. Recent releases with a fiery kick include Smashburger’s Scorchin Hot Chicken sandwich and Arby’s Spicy Gyro – and of course, 2020’s Spicy Nuggets from McDonald’s.

Wendy’s own Spicy Nuggets didn’t really deliver much heat for us (see review here) so here’s hoping the new sauce takes things up a notch. In the meantime, the spiciest thing out there? It’s still the McDonald’s hot n spicy for our money.

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