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Wienerschnitzel tap Field Roast for plant-based dog

Join the ever growing list of plant-based options at fast food restaurants – Wienerschnitzel this month announced an all new link up with vegan food company Field Roast. Wienerschnitzel will soon offer Field Roast’s Plant-Based Signature Stadium Dog at all US locations.

The national roll out follows a regional test and will be available in three styles: Backyard, Barbeque and Chicago. According to the partnership PR release Americans consume a mind boggling estimated 20 billion hot dogs per year – as far as data from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council reports.

Of the new menu items, Wienerschnitzel write that this is no ordinary meat free sausage stating, “Stadium Dogs are the first plant-based hot dog made from pea protein, are naturally hardwood smoked and artisanally crafted in small batches with 100% plant protein and use the same spices as a beef hot dog to deliver an unparalleled, bold flavor experience.”

I’ll personally be intrigued to see how these are received by guests around the country. My own experience with the Stadium Dog was poor. I reviewed them on another site I run here. I found the dogs texture and taste generally off putting, though others have told me the exact opposite – time to try them again I’d say.

Image credit, Wienerschnitzel.

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