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Wienerschnitzel tests new vegan dog

If you live in California, Texas and New Mexico you might see an all new test product on menus soon. Wienerschnitzel have teamed up with Field Roast, a popular vegan eats company, to offer a plant-based dog. In fact you’l see three new options if you live in these markets:

  • Backyard Veggie Dog
  • Barbeque Veggie Dog
  • Chicago Veggie Dog

Field Roast write that the new dogs are made as naturally as possible, “the new Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog was inspired by the flavors of premium, kosher-style beef hot dogs, and unlike other products that use liquid smoke for flavor, our dogs are smoked in a real smokehouse,.”

The vegan dogs are made from pea protein rather than the usual soy, they’re vegan, non GMO and are all natural – meaning more folks can enjoy a quality dog. Field Roast write that they expect to expand the release to retail stores in the Spring too – so keep your eyes peeled.

Image credit, Field Roast.

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