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Zaxby’s launches Signature Club Sandwich

Following on from the success of their award for 2021’s Best Fried Chicken Sandwich (at the annual Fasties) Zaxby’s have something new for fans this March – the new Signature Club Sandwich. The creations takes the brand’s Signature Sandwich and adds:

  • Two slices of bacon
  • American Cheese
  • Choice of Zax sauce or Spicy Zax sauce

Zaxby’s CMO Joel Bulger writes, “With the launch of our new Signature Club Sandwich, we created our own club remix of the Signature Sandwich and turned it up a notch. Knowing our ‘fanz,’ we are giving them something additional to rave about and announce a well-kept secret. Our Signature Sandwich is officially here to stay as a permanent menu item.”

At our local Zaxby’s in Salt Lake City the sandwich is priced $6.89 or $8.89 as a meal. A spicy version is also available for $6.69 and $8.99 for a meal.

Image credit, Zaxby’s.

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