Plant Based Items at US Fast Food Restaurants 2020

With the explosion of plant based dining and dishes set to continue, many US fast food restaurants are getting on board. From breakfast to burgers, the biggest and best brands you know and love are offering meat free options aplenty.

So much so, it’s kinda hard to track who is offering what. The following brief list is a round up of all the plant based options at fast food restaurants around the land. We will keep it updated and relevant as their menus change.

Burger King

BK relies on Impossible Foods for the core of their meat free offering. In our opinion this is the very best plant based burger right now. The notable plant based items at BK include:

  • Impossible Whopper
  • Impossible Biscuit
  • Impossible Croissan’wich

Carl’s Jr. / Hardees

This twinned chain of restaurants use the popular Beyond Foods, Beyond Burger for their meat free sandwiches.

Del Taco

Beyond Meat are the company that power the plant based items at our favorite fast food Mexican eatery. Items include:

El Pollo Loco

The restaurant uses a custom “soy protein base that doesn’t contain egg enzymes.”


McDonald’s USA hasn’t yet made a permanent move in the plant based space that we’re aware of. Surely it’s only a matter of time before the worlds biggest fast food business launches an option though.


Another Impossible Foods option around town is this famous Seattle based coffee company.

  • Impossible Breakfast Sandwich