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Del Taco Fresh Made Guacamole Review

Del Taco Fresh Made Guacamole

When the news broke in July about Del Taco’s brand new fresh made guac, I wasn’t the only one of my friends to scratch their head. To be honest we all thought this was already the case. Del Taco after all are always keen to underscore the freshness of their product.

At any rate, I was happy with the move and eager to sample some ASAP. I had cause to grab some recently when also picking up some of their new Crispy Chicken to review.

First up, for reference, if that container above looks small – it is! This is just their snack size offering of the new fresh guacamole, but wow is it small. It’s pretty much the size of the container you get with a side sauce of say dumplings or spring rolls. I’d estimate maybe two or three tablespoons and to be frank, it felt cheap to me.

I’ll order their full size in time, hopefully its appropriately larger. As it is, this certainly wouldn’t be enough for a snack. I’d consider it maybe as an add-on for a burger perhaps though.

Taste wise, I can’t fault Del Taco at all. This was 100% fresh and fab guac. There was a good acid/salt balance and no bitterness. I appreciate the fact it wasn’t baby food smooth too, some nice chunkiness in there.

Surprise side note: that queso dip surprised both myself and my wife, and was the secret star of our takeout order. If you haven’t tried it, it’s quite the spicy and creamy affair. Think sriracha levels of heat tempered by the cheesy and rich queso. A definite must!

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