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Panda Express named most Covid-19 safe fast food

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I found this story over in QSR Magazine today fascinating; according to a recent Ipsos survey Panda Express was the top performing brand in terms of Coronavirus safety.

The Ipsos survey everyone from fast food to grocery stores writing, “After visiting locations across the U.S.—from Trader Joe’s to Walmart and 7-Eleven to Taco Bell—Ipsos has determined which brands have implemented adequate health and safety measures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. They identified several top performers, like Wells Fargo, which did an excellent job of installing health & safety signage reminding customers of social distancing practices; Panda Express, which excelled in ensuring near perfect compliance of employees wearing PPE properly, and Whole Foods, that maintained its #1 position on the index since wave 1 by demonstrating consistent performance across the store exterior, interior and restroom.”

If you’re headed out to dine and are worried about rising C19 in your area – this report is certainly worth keeping in mind.

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