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Popeye’s Chocolate Beignets special

This new dessert special from Popeye’s was first spotted as a limited test in MA back in September. The test must have been successful; as of December 10th Instagram started to light up with sightings of the new Chocolate Beignets nationwide.

The classic New Orleans deep fried pastry comes stuffed with Hershey’s chocolate and is dusted with powdered sugar. In my local Salt Lake City area, these are being sold as follows:

  • 3pc Chocolate Beignet, $2.19
  • 6pc Chocolate Beignet, $3.99
  • 12pc Chocolate Beignet, $7.49

Super fans of the brand can also grab this ‘sugar dusted’ limited edition hoodie too for $35.

Image credit, Popeye’s.

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