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Which Restaurants Use MSG In Their Food

MSG remains one of the most debated food additives out there. Often blamed for a range of maladies, research continues to prove the food flavor enhancer is safe. Speaking for just ourselves we love the stuff and happily use it at home in our cooking. Some prefer to still avoid this magical ingredient, and for them, we’ve prepared this list. This is all the major restaurant brands that we know of that use MSG.

Please note this list is not complete. Restaurants may change their menu at any time and the information may be out of date. Please always review directly with the restaurant and their nutrition guides for complete and accurate data.


Ever wondered why your favorite chicken sandwich tasted *that* good? MSG is just one of the answers. Chick-fil-A uses the seasoning to bring added flavor punch to their massively popular Chicken Sandwich. Read more here. Last checked March 2021.


In recent years the brand have famously been trying to cleanup their menu in terms of additives and the like. In an attempt to muscle in on some of the popularity of competing fried chicken sandwiches, the brands three new chicken sandwiches for 2021 al feature MSG as a seasoning. Here’s the McD’s nutritional info. Last checked March 2021.


The famous Louisanisa Kitchen leans heavily into using MSG to season their product. The brand’s wings, legs, thighs and breasts all use monosodium glutamate, as do several of their sides, sauces, and other me nu items like their classic crispy sandwich. See more here, last checked March 2021.


The popular chicken based fast food chain uses monosodium glutamate extensively in their chicken dishes. Some menu items that include MSG are Zaxby’s Signature Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Fingers and Wings. See their allergen guide here for more info. Last checked March 2021.