The Best Fast Food Chicken Menu Items 2020

As you might expect, we eat a lot of fast food here at Menu And Price. Oh. So. Much. People rightly often ask us what’s the best fast food this, or best fast food that. Our tastes might not be exactly like yours, but we think we’ve eaten enough bad fast food to know what the really good stuff is. Here are our favorite fast food chicken dishes:

Best Chicken Nuggets

 Mcdonald's Chicken Nuggets
Mcdonald’s regular and spicy Chicken Nuggets

For us – it has to be McDonald’s. Nothing beats the thick and heavy batter that crunches and cracks with each bite. Timing is everything of course, if you swing by and grab a nugget that’s been sat there forever, you might be less impressed. Always ask for freshly fried! In 2020 the brand launched a new spicy nugget which we review here.

Best premium chicken sandwich

Arby's Chicken Tenders
Arby’s Chicken Tenders

With a slogan like, “we’ve got the meat”, you’d hope their chicken would be on point: and it is. These tenders from Arby’s top our list for the most enjoyable chicken tenders in fast food land. Read our full review here.

Best value chicken sandwich

McDonald's Hot N Spicy McChicken
McDonald’s Hot N Spicy McChicken

It costs just a buck. It’s delicious, spicy and will solve all your problems. O.k. maybe not that last one, but trust us, for the measly price of one dollar this is maybe the best budget chicken sandwich out there right now. Check out our review of the Hot N Spicy McChicken here.

Fast food menus with chicken

We have a lot of fast food menus across the site. If you want to compare the different chicken options available at all the fast food restaurants, check out this list: